Thursday, February 17, 2011

Notes on Air Safety Briefings

Even before I started this job, I was a fairly regular air travelling. Anyone else that frequents flights can tell you that the flight safety briefing is generally a mind-numbing affair. One can usually quote the entire thing from start to finish on any airline, as they're pretty much the same wherever you go.

I'm starting to notice the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between airlines that show pre-recorded video safety briefings from a few key airlines around the world.

For example, from the people that brought you the naked flight attendant's in body paint safety briefing (which is hilarious for their facial expressions alone), I give you: Air New Zealand's 'Crazy About Rugby' Air Safety Briefing.

For some reason, the line "If you need to get up to stretch your hammies" had me giggling on my first Air New Zealand flight, and the poor flight attendant that's denied a kiss from his favourite rugby hero caused an audible "awww".

This was the first safety briefing video that caused me to take particular note of such videos on flights. It's clear they put a lot of effort into not only the concept, but the execution as well. For someone flying regularly, it's very much appreciated.

Some airlines haven't put quite that much thought into the process.

The following is Continental's video briefing which, at first glance, is perfectly average. But, listen closely, as we seem to be observing the safety points in an old-timey tavern.

TACA's video looks like a Power Point presentation. The passengers in Air Canada's flight safety briefing appear to be serene members of some kind of suicide cult. I just wish I could find a copy of the Qantas video so you could see guest pilot and airline ambassador John Travolta in all his cheesy, flight safety glory.

I'll keep an eye out for other good ones for you on my travels.

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