Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trip Number Seven: Nassau to Toronto

Itinerary: Toronto (YYZ) - Nassau (NAS) - Toronto (YYZ)

I should have known from the very beginning that the words "easy" and "straightforward" were going to amount to neither of those things. At least we got the "quick" part, right. Although, I would have happily spent a little more time in the warm sun with the ocean breeze.

I was meant to pick up a young woman with a few minor fractures. When I met her, she was in no condition to travel and dead-set on avoiding the plane trip the next day. So, essentially, I had an overnight trip to the Bahamas that involved very little work, but even less free time.

The insurance company actually put me up in a resort hotel, which was pretty sweet. The view from my balcony was lovely and the sound of the ocean never fails to make me happy.

The view.

I managed to spend a couple of hours laying on the beach reading my book, and another couple at the hotel's sketchy casino, where I won twenty bucks playing blackjack!

Both flights were uneventful, although the trip home brought me closer to vomiting in public than I have been in many years. I'm beginning to question the wisdom of a job that can make me feel so shitty, sometimes.

But then again:


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