Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Five

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Edmonton, Alberta
Today's km: 655.4 Total km: 3597.7

I woke up feeling refreshed in Saskatoon, ate a shitty breakfast at Denny's and hit the road. I knew my two toughest days of driving were behind me, so I was in good spirits for about fifteen minutes, until I was back in the praries proper. I barely participated in the driving process for a few hours, with the cruise control on and touching the wheel only when the tire alignment threatened to bring my a little off course. After what seemed like forever, I hit the town of Lloydminster ("Canada's Border Town!"), stopped for gas and a cheeseburger, and popped out the other end into Alberta.


I've always loved Alberta, and it was a relief to see the rolling hills, again. There's just something about Alberta that makes you want to call it 'big sky country'. The weather was perfect, the view once again tolerable and I had defaulted to an old favourite audiobook (Fool, by Christopher Moore) to keep my company.

Having driven through the rocky Canadian shield in 'winter wonderland' mode, through the flat but beautiful prairies and knowing the rockies and west coast await me, I felt a deep, comfortable love for this country. After my six months living in Virginia and feeling for the first time that I would be able to forsake my home and native land and set down roots somewhere else, it felt good to remember just how wrong that is. This giant, insane, beautiful country is my home, no matter where I travel, I'll always end up here.

The trip was wholly uneventful and I arrived fairly quickly at the home of another good friend in Edmonton. They made me a lovely dinner, I played with their gorgeous son and went to sleep full, happy and comfortable. I'm a lucky girl.

One photogenic little dude

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun those 5 days. Nice blog