Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Four

Shilo, Manitoba to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Today's km: 639.9 Total km: 2942.3

My friend's lovely wife made us eggs benedict in the morning and I was taken for a tour of the base and a chance to catch up a little.

A little worse for wear after three days of driving

I received hugs from the kids and headed out to "the" gas station to fill up for the road. I felt like I was on the set of an old-timey western. There were wagon wheels nailed to the building and dust was everywhere. I set off through Brandon and before I realized it, I was in Saskatchewan. I was mad that I missed the "Welcome to Saskatchewan" sign, but I'm sure I'll survive. At least Saskatchewan had the decency to be interestingly flat. In Manitoba, it was flat enough to be boring but not so flat as to be kind of fascinating, which is how I found Saskatchewan. Flat, flat, flat. People aren't kidding when you ask them what the prairies are like and they reply with "flat". Because they're flat.

Seriously. Flat.

I was listening to the I Am Legend audiobook (the film was shit, the book is great), but it started to get really bleak and I actually had to turn it off for fear that it would, when coupled with the flatness of the prairies, sap my will to live. I passed through Regina and took a little Tim Horton's break, then carried on to Saskatoon. By the time I got to my hotel, I was full-blown talking to myself and very greatful to be out of the car.

The hotel was nice. I sat in the "tropical" lounge area and treated myself to a therapeutic glass of red with my dinner.


I wanted to do some writing and uploading, but instead, I caught up on Community (hilarious) and Justified (badass) and promptly passed out cold on the king-sized bed.

Still flat.

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